To switch or not to switch

So I had a call today from a big 6 provider, telling me about Bulbs increases etc… and that they could fix me for 1 year over winter when bulbs prices will increase. I don’t want to switch as bulb values and renewable energy are great but at the same time, I’m on a low income and can’t afford for prices to rise lots over the winter period. So I’m kinda confused as to what to do and wanted to see what people’s thoughts are on this??



If they’ll match Bulbs prices and fix for a year, go for it…

Personally I would be loathe to decide to switch based on a cold call from another energy supplier. You need to carry out your own cost comparison using one of a number of reputable comparison sites. You need to enter your past annual energy usage in kWh to get a valid comparison of costs between suppliers.

I wouldn’t consider switching until the end of year as it looks like all utility companies have or likely to raise prices so it is difficult to know who will be cheaper by the year end.

Hi @Lolly1110 - We don’t want to keep anyone here if they don’t want to be, but I agree with @Allanr - Don’t just go by the amount the monthly direct debit will be, have a look at what the unit rate and standing charge are for the plans the other provider is offering. We don’t have exit fees, so if you find a deal that suits your needs better you can switch away with no penalty from us, just make sure that the actual cost is lower than what Bulb are offering.


Make sure that you check what unit rates they will be charging to make sure they are offering you a good price. If you can find a good fixed then , but it is hard to see how prices will change over the next year or so.

We think a variable tariff is a good thing as we can decrease it more quickly if wholesale energy costs do go down :slight_smile: