To switch or not

I would like to know more about the quality of Bulb’s customer support and how it works. I’m considering a switch, only on the grounds my existing supplier’s (recently re branded) has fallen off a cliff. Are bulb easy to talk to? Is there an interminable wait to get to speak to someone? Is it a question of online communication only? But most of all are the customer service agents clued up, do they know their stuff about Feed in tariffs, potential meter moves, and how best to allow and budget for second home usage that has peaks and troughs throughout a year?

I’m sorry to say that as of the last 6 months or so, the answer to your questions is no.

In my opinion customer service continues to be very good. My last few calls to them have involved waits of about 4-6 minutes. Before that I waited on a call for 8 minutes and six weeks later they credited my Bulb account with £10 for the poor show!! Obviously with any call centre, getting through to a good call agent is a bit hit and miss. But , in my experience most advisers are reasonably clued up and do what they say they’re going to do!!! The majority of Trustpilot reviews are complimentary. I’ve also done very well out of their generous refer-a-friend scheme. The only thing Bulb are very poor with is the roll out of smart meters which don’t work properly. The customer service relating to this issue is VERY POOR as per lots of comments in this community forum.

Thank you both. That’s a shame to hear Hooloovoo, as they grow they get less efficient, more impersonal and the expansion takes precedent over the quality of service. I’ve heard that elsewhere. As for smart meters ky326vvb, I already have one, installed last year by my current supplier, but as is the case with so many it will be redundant if I switch supplier because it’s not a series 2 smart meter, i.e. transferable to another supplier. Someone has made a shed load of cash from rolling out the installation of smart meters that don’t work when you swap suppliers. All that technology and hardware redundant and obsolete after less than a year, madness. In these times of conscious need to be greener we have wasted energy on producing a needless product for our time. All whilst we are encouraged to be proactive and look for the best deals year on year. It would seem to me that the roll out of quickly obsolete smart meters has been about opportunistic greed? Hay ho, nothing new in that sadly. Thanks again.