Told I was on Smart Tariff but showing vari-fair

Hi, I have an email on the 16th October to confirm I was on the smart tariff - this is backed up by the fact my smart meter HID shows the new tariff (and when it will be switching to the next tarrif).

However, my latest statement shows im on the Vari-Fair and when I log into my account, it’s also showing Vari-Fair.

I’ve emailed a number of times but the response is non existent. Please advise?

I think it’s normal for the dashboard and statement to continue listing the tariff as Vari-Fair. Mine does. The important thing is, does your statement show billing on the three different rates?

I’m in the same situation as you. My energy statements show me using energy at all 3 rates ( R1,R2 and R3) however all 3 rates are charged at 12.60p/ kWh excluding VAT. The vari-fair tariff for my area is 13.23p/ kWh including VAT.
I would be interested to know what you are being charged.

What is Vari-fair? If there are 3 rates it sounds like this could be a replacement for those of us on eon economy 18?

At the moment it is only available to members who have a compatible SMETS1. Only 33% of first generation meters are compatible.

Thank you for that. I currently have an E18 meter which gives 3 different readings. I don’t know what SMETS is?

Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification version 1 and 2.

The smart tariff has a peak period over 4pm to 7pm and is unlikely to be a replacement for E18.