Top-up amounts affect credit rating?

Hi all

Since joining Bulb, it seems their estimate of my usage has been way under, as I have accumulated quite a large ‘top-up’ due despite have a direct debit in place.

This has been made much worse probably due to higher winter usage kicking in.

Realising what has happened, I settled the top-up amount in full now by separate payment, as soon as I got a bill showing a large jump in ‘top-up’ due. I have also amended the direct debit to a much larger amount going forward.

I found it confusing that the direct debit cannot dynamically adjust - this seems more like a standing order arrangement, and was not my understanding of the purpose of direct debit. I also never received any demands for payments, warnings, etc. from Bulb about the top-up debt building up.

I’m concerned that this incident (large top-up accruing) may have affected my credit rating - is this likely? Bulb support have been vague and said it ‘should not have’.

Thank you

Hi @energyseeker

Welcome to Bulb’s community! :raised_hands:

At Bulb, we do have something called a payment review, which is when we look at your payments every month to ensure they cover your usage and will suggest changes or adjust to your monthly DD.

If we’ve not suggested a change, this is likely because we’d imagine that when your usage in the summer decreases, any overpayment during this period would cover a debit balance which has been created by usage in the winter.

You are also free to change your payments yourself at any point by going into your Bulb account and selecting ‘managing my monthly payments’.

As long as you have an active payment method with Bulb, your credit score will not be negatively impacted in anyway, sorry that wasn’t made clearer before.

All the best,
Freya @ Bulb :bulb: