Top-up and emergency credit thresholds?

I have a key meter for electricity and I wonder if bulb would consider changing the thresholds where emergency credit can be used. Currently, the £5 emergency credit may be activated when the credit balance is below £1. However, under certain circumstances I can use £3 per day.

The current thresholds can create ridiculous circumstances. For example: If at 6:00pm I have £1.50 credit and am unable to top-up I cannot activate the emergency. My electricity will cut off in the middle of the night. My situation is compounded by me living in a large house converted into flats, subsequently, my meter is not in my flat. It is situated in the main access hallway. It’d be better if the emergency could be activated @ £2.00 credit.

Hello @surtseyana,

Welcome back to community, it’s great to see you again!

This is a really good point, and I’ve had a look into this for you. Unfortunately, the electricity emergency credit can only turned on when credit is at £1 at the moment, but it’s something we can definitely think about in the future for more flexibility.

In answer to the potential situation you mention above however, we do have friendly credit, which turns on automatically from 8pm-8am. If during this period your credit goes below £0, the power will not turn off, and we will add any usage during this time on as debt to repay.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Freya :bulb: