TOP-UP failing to reach meter

Why is my top-up payment not reaching my meter ?
From Oct to December 2021 when I made a payment it was showing on the meter within 20 minutes.
NOW, my top-ups dont get through to the meter and i am told to insert a sixteen digit code number. This is an absolute pain, risky as i have to stand on chair which at my age -almost 80 !! - I do not think I should have to do this. Each individual number takes that same number of button pushes. i.e 1 = two pushes (first push is for zero) 9 = TEN pushes !! Taking an average number of 5 it requires a minimum of Eighty button pushes whilst wobbling on the chair !!
Ridicules and I will not - indeed cannot - continue to do it.
Bulb have failed in so many ways. They don’t care about us. Can’t get their own equipment to work, provide an absolutely useless IHD, want a £345 DD (for my electricity account) when the average monthly use is less than £50.00., Can’t put my Gas on a monthly basis due to Esperion not responding to credit check requests. Why are they even bothering ? I have paid my electricity monthly for 6 months without a problem PLUS of course I have been paying for all my gas usage by top-up !!
Right now they have my Top-up payment BUT my meter has now gone into emergency credit which will proberly run out by Tuesday. THEN what ???

Hey @Amapola

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the troubles.

Firstly from the things you’ve mentioned, it may be worthwhile looking into our Priority Services Register (PSR).

This is available to members who need assistance due to their personal circumstances. For example, if you’re aged over 60, live with a child under 5 years old, or have a disability or health problem.

Depending on your situation we can:

  • offer extra support during emergencies and power cuts
  • arrange to send your statements in a more accessible format
  • add another name to your account to help you manage your energy
  • offer extra help to read your meter

These free extra services are designed to give you peace of mind, and make sure help is available if you need it. Visit your Bulb Account to find out more.

We understand this smart topup issue is frustrating so we have raised with our smart team, the signal for this gas meter is very weak at the moment which is why its causing the topups to not go through, we could look at trying to make your gas meter onto direct debit if you wish?

You will be sent a link to manually apply the credit for your latest tppup, if you wanted to look into changing that gas meter to credit just let us know.

–Carl :bulb: