Top up meter switching

I have been asking bulb to switch from top up meters to direct bit for over 6 months, Bulb keep telling me “we are waiting for credit report”

Which is usually instant, ,

Hey @garyb710

Credit checks usually take 2-3 weeks to come through but sometimes there’s a bit of a backlog. I can see yours came back in February. I’ve sent you an email to help us get some more information about your meters to book in an exchange.

– H :sunflower:

Quick response from bulb seeing they got email on the check 3 months ago plus another one exspect

Hi @madzgagz52, I’m sorry that there’s been a delay on this. If you’re able to confirm with Holly which slot works best for you via email, we can get this all booked in!

Lou :stars:

I ain’t got a problem I was making a comment on what garyb710 said

Is there still a charge of £120 for switching from a prepayment meter to a credit meter?

Hi @norman7115, are you eligible for having a smart meter fitted? If so, we’ll be able to do this for free. Otherwise, yes, all non-essential and non-smart jobs with Siemens cost £120.

Hi @Lou_at_Bulb. Thanks for the quick reply.

@Lou_at_Bulb, I forgot to ask if there were any other conditions for this kind of meter swap apart from the credit check? I think previously you had to have been a Bulb customer for at least 1 month and up-to-date with your payments - is that still the case?

Hi @Lou_at_Bulb how do I know if I’m eligible for a switch? I sent an email a while back but never got any response.

Hi @norman7115,

An excellent question! Yes, so the other main criteria other than passing the soft credit check is being a member for more than 2 months.

Once those two criteria have been met, we can then proceed with booking in your smart meter installation.

We’d usually ask you to take a photo of your meter(s) to see if a smart meter installation is possible. Some homes have unique meter set ups, which means that a smart meter installation may not be possible just yet.

Hope this helps! Do let me know if you wanted me to clarify anything :relaxed:

Hey @vberna,

Welcome to Bulb community! :wave: I was just about to send you an email to ask some questions to see if you’re able to switch your meters, but I see you’re already discussing this with my colleague.

Do let me know if you needed me to clarify anything from my colleague’s response to your email :slightly_smiling_face:

I had £8.90 on my meter when it got changed for a smart meter. I need that credit. I payed for it.

Why hasn’t it been credited to my new meter?

Hi @doodlesmcpooh Welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry you had issues getting the credit onto your new smart meter.

I can see you were in touch with us over email and the credit has now been transferred which is great.

If you have any further questions let me know.

KT :bulb: