“Top up to Keep your account healthy”

I’ve just received this email and I’m aware I spend more over the Christmas months. I’m happy to top up my account but how do I know this is a legit email?

It’s asking for bank details when you click the top up link and I can’t find anywhere in the app to top up? Don’t really fancy clicking a link in an email to top up or spending an hour on the phone with customer service.

Sure as hell not increasing my monthly payments.

Any help would be great! Thanks!

I’m with you on this, with energy companies failing, going to the wall, I’d rather not be in credit by more than a few pounds. Its a fine pickle that these companies find themselves in and I sympathise but Bulb customers are just that, customers not their bankers.

If someone from the company reads this then please be assured that I won’t let my account fall into arrears and I’ll make top up payments if and when required. Like I said, I do sympathise.

FYI, unlike past summers, this summer I relied on grid electricity to top up my solar system for our water heating needs, during winter I’ll be switching to a combination of solid fuel and heating oil for our hot water, cooking and heating generally. I do not expect my electricity consumption to increase this winter.

My advice would be not to click on the link and also delete the email . The e mail could be a spy wear or something horrible that could send your private information your device back to the source of the email . Run a scan on your computer and check for security threats . Make sure the internet security on your device is up to date . Then if you think you computer is save you can log into your own BULB account and change the amount of you want to ? . Their are plenty of scanner s on line who try this sort of scam . Don’t fall for it . Use a search engine like brave available on Google store . It is save to use and hides your information from trackers that could steal your information . I don’t think BULB would send a link knowing that you can log into your account and change it yourself . I don’t know really about that but , better to play safe .:+1:

Hi @m.addle, thanks for posting on Community :wave:

We have been sending out ‘top up’ emails to a number of Bulb members and can see that we did send one of these to you. The email you received is not a scam and you are fine to click the ‘top up your account link’

If you did not want to follow the link you can also log straight into your Bulb account to top up. Just go to ‘payment and statements’ and then where it has your account balance there is the option to ‘change payments’ or ‘top up’.

If you have any further questions about this then let me know,

Take care,
KT :bulb:

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