Topcashback cancelled

I signed up for Bulb on 7th April and did so by clicking through the Topcashback Bulb page. Bulb started supplying our dual fuel energy on the 28th April.

My Topcashback account showed Bulb in the list with the correct date and an amount of £20.20 which was supposed to be for one fuel. I assumed that as it tracked then this would change to £40.40.

Yesterday I checked and saw that the cashback was cancelled and shows £0.00, no explanation of why this has occurred and I can see no reason for it to be declined.
Please could someone look into this for me.


Hey @Tinman this is a bit unusual your account looks all good from this end and you swapped for duel fuel on 28th April. We don’t actually have much contact with Topcashback so I’d advise enquiring with them about this. It may be helpful for you to quote your customer ID to them - I’ll send this to you in an email.

Euan, thanks for the response. I have raised a support ticket with them and added my ID, will have to wait and see what happens.

@Tinman Great, give us a shout if they ask for any more info.

I signed up for Bulb on March 2018 via topcashback and Bulb Cashback has been declined by the retailer. I didn’t use any other offer, voucher, discount code, or Bulb referral rewards. I am a new client and have dual switch