I’m In the process of changing over, I had an email saying I will be charged £77 in the 18th the same day I get my energy, why am I been charged before iv had any energy? Thanks

Hi @“Vixadelé”, Bulb charge in advance.

We pay them, they buy energy, we use the energy.

It’s a little different to a lot of suppliers but it’s always seemed fair to me.

Bulb’s normal line is that it allows them to buy energy at better prices, saving us money.

Thanks,So if I pay said £77 in advance is it unlimited amout of energy we can use or do we get charged extra for going over a certain amout, sorry I’m not the brightest crayon in the box haha

Hi @“Vixadelé”, the amount you will pay monthly is based on estimated energy usage. You will still get charged based on your actual usage.

Money from your bank account goes into your Bulb account once a month.
When you submit meter readings, Bulb use that to calculate your energy usage and then charge your Bulb account.

Think of it like a top-up account for energy. You put money in, Bulb use that money to pay for the electricity that they supply you. If you use more electricity than you have paid them for, your Bulb account could go into debit but there’s no extra charge for that, they’ll just inform you that you need to pay them a little more each month to make it back up.

ah that makes things much clearer now Thankyou so much :slight_smile: