Topped up and waiting for money transfer email

Hi there,
We topped up our prepayment meter on Monday night. I still haven’t received an email from money transfer in terms of receiving the £75 for joining. Any idea when this will happen. Thanks

Hi @Miafreya19 ,

It takes around 2 business days for Paypoint et al to notify Bulb for a top-up (so Bulb may have just found out this morning if the notification came through on time) - they’ll then send you an email to let you know about a forthcoming email from TransferWise (this can take a couple of days as I believe it’s go to be manually done - the email to you is sent at the same time as the request to TransferWise). TransferWise has then got to process things on their end - which again, takes a couple of days… If you haven’t heard anything in a week from topping-up, then it’ll be worth just dropping a line to with your address and which store you brought the top-up from (and how much and if it was Paypoint or Payzone or…) and they’ll be able to investigate.