Topped up new key before registering

So I topped up my new electric key before registering it like I was supposed too.
Switched to bulb in January. Was suppose to be on the pay up front monthly direct debit thing but after payments being taken from me upfront was then told I couldn’t so a pre payment key would be sent out and a refund issued.
Refund took over a month and the key took weeks after that to arrive and by this point I was pretty Deflated with it all. Had already just topped up my old electric key just before it did finally arrived so has been few weeks since I opened the letter.
Anyway saw the key sitting there last week and thought I had better top it up ready for when it does run out as didn’t want to be without electric. Not even giving the letter a second thought as I did this.
Electric ran out this morning and assumed I just Put the new key in and the money i topped up would go straight on as it always has.
But I was wrong.
It did however register an odd amount of £2.55 which wasn’t what I had topped up/paid for. Was then I realised somethings not right so I hunted for the letter that came with the key and re read it. Was then i saw that the key had to be put in for 60 seconds first to register, then top it up.
Anyone know what I can do as I am now self isolating with no way of topping up again and obviously don’t want to loose the money I’ve already put on the key/paid for.
Can’t get through on phones as not open weekends and I don’t expect reply from my email anytime soon so thought I’d ask here if anyone else has done the same before?
Surely I can’t be the only moron out there…
well if I am then Any advise would be much appreciated.

Hi @victoriaplum1984,

I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you before now on Community but I can see that you spoke to one of our team since your message.

We have a reduced team working at weekends but you can email us on or contact us on social media and someone will be there. :slightly_smiling_face: