Topping up before energy prices rise

Hello, I’ve just reading that there’s a possibility that if I top up before March 31st on my prepaid meter, I could enter into April still on the lower prices; due to the prices at time of purchase? Is this information correct please? I suggest my prepaid meter is approx 7 years old. I do not have a smart reader. Is it worth me topping up before the 31st March?

Many thanks

No. You’ll be charged when you use the energy, at the prices in place at that time. When you top up doesn’t matter.

Thanks Norman. Are you a employee for Bulb? I read this information on Martin Lewis money saving website.

I’m a Bulb customer and looks like I’m wrong. I can see the MSE article you’re referring to and it certainly appears to be something that works with older prepayment meters and Bulb seem to have confirmed this. My apologies Kim. Your post will hopefully help a few pay-as-you-go customers.

Fingers crossed Norman :raised_hands:t3:

@Kim1 In case you haven’t seen it, looks like MSE are updating the advice on this. Final advice to be given on Thursday but it appears the top-up trick might only work for electricity and not gas.

Hi Norman, yes I heard Martin Lewis talk about it yesterday and read that he would be updating people by 24th March. Now it would be really useful for people if Bulb could comment on this for their customers?

Cheers Norman :blush:

Hi @Kim1 & @norman7115 :wave:

So with traditional electricity top-up meters, the tariff is updated on the meter once you make a top-up after the price change comes into effect.

With traditional prepay gas meters, they are mostly set to change to the new tariff on the date of the tariff increase, meaning this likely wouldn’t work for gas.

-Luke :bulb: