Topping up credit option

Couldn’t find a post regarding this.
Before there was an option to top up whatever you were in credit. I used this a few times.
But it’s disappeared as an option.
I planned to keep my credit at a certain figure.
Anybody know where it’s gone?

It ought to still be there, I’ve been using this function every month, including today.

For me I go to “Payments and Statements” and there is a top box with the legend “Balance £x in credit”. Just to the right of this legend is the top up button. It is just a fine green outline with the words “Top up” in green within so although perfectly clear when you know what to look for, it doesn’t exactly jump off the page at one… Click on this and it takes me to the top up options - how much to top up and by card or by an additional one-off Direct Debit payment (which does not affect the regular DD amount taken).

If you are missing the button then I think you’ll have to talk to Bulb.

Thanks Sissy. Unfortunately there was no ‘top box’.
Maybe it’s an Apple thing. It was there before though, because I used it

Hi Albion. I use Mac, laptop, iphone and ipad, and just checked, and the ‘Top Up’ still shows for me…

I have Apple too, so I agree with helo that that isn’t a factor.

To clarify. Go to Payments and Statements on your dashboard, and click on it. The whole of “Payments and Statements” is a button on the dashboard.

That takes me to a page with the credit balance as the top item, and the “Top up” button is just to the right of the credit balance words. Click on “Top up” to get to the page where you can make the top up.

Should also have said (for readers who haven’t done this before) that Bulb give a suggested top up amount - but one can easily change this to another amount, even a smaller amount than suggested.

Hi just to confuse everyone!!
If I use the app the top-up option tends to come and go depending on the days of the month!!
Now if I sign into my account from a link at the bottom of an email the top-up option always seems to be accessible that way!!
The limit of a credit balance seems to revised to £295
Hope this helps
Take care J.

Thanks everyone for your help, but jforshawl20 sorted it. Your suggestion worked. Thanks

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