Toshiba have created a "game-changing advance" in battery tech

Toshiba has created a battery that they say will deliver 200-300 km range for an electric vehicle with just 6 minutes of charging. They also claim that it will still be 90% as efficient after 5000 charging cycles. And that they will have it out in the world in 2019.

It seems like there is always news about new battery technology in some sort, but a lot of it is fluff that isn’t worth the web page it’s hosted on. So what makes this one different?

It’s relatively easy for researchers to make batteries that have high charge, can charge quickly, don’t degrade over many cycles, or are safe. But it’s pretty hard to do all of these at the same. But Toshiba are claiming to have achieved all of these at the same time. Which is very impressive. And just as impressively, they are saying that they will get it out of the lab within just a few short years.

I’m pretty excited for this news. It’s an exciting time to be interested in EVs!

How about Toshiba use the same tech to link these batteries to Solar Panels to give us free elec after sundown?

Did you know that this product already exists?

Not by Toshiba, but the concept is becoming more mainstream so if they are successful I imagine that a large home battery will come very soon