Tracking one's energy usage

Having been diligently supplying meter readings for a few years now, I’d like to compare my energy usage over the same season in different years. According to the Help section, one should be able to see a graph of one’s energy usage in graph form:
“Track your energy usage
Choose ‘Energy usage’ on the home screen to see your monthly energy usage graph.
You can also see the meter readings the graph is based on. Remember, submitting regular meter readings is the best way to get accurate usage data.”

But I can’t find any “home screen” on the Bulb website that includes anything of the sort and the only results from an overall site search for “energy usage” are links to articles, not to a facility like this.

It looks as if the website may have been altered so much that it no longer provides what the Help section still says it does. Please would Bulb ensure that any structural changes do NOT remove such utilities - and restore this one!