Transfer Electric Account but Not Gas Account

Hi There!

We are moving to a new flat and want to take Bulb with us, however we are only allowed to choose our own electric supplier. The heat supplier is mandated in our lease. How should I go about doing this?

Thanks, everyone!

Hi @markel, you can head to our website and select “Electricity only” during the sign-up process. Do you have a district or communal heating scheme in your new home?

Hi @alistair_bulb, thank you for your reply. I just reread my post and I’m sorry, I think I wasn’t clear about our situation before, we currently have a Bulb account for both gas and electric, but want to transfer just the electric to the new flat. Yes, we have district heating with SSE in our new building and it’s mandated we use them for heating, but thankfully we are able to choose our electric supplier on the open market.

P.S. Just want to quickly say that we really love Bulb - you lot are rock stars.

@markel Aww thanks!!!

All you need to do is select “electricity only” when you sign up on our website and the gas will stay where it is!

Thanks @danp! And is there a way to transfer the balance from the old account to the new account? Or do I have to wait for the refund from the old Bulb account and then send it to the new Bulb account?

@markel We try and keep them separate and will refund the old property and then keep the regular payments on the new one.
When you move out from the old place, just let us know by email or phone your move out date and the final meter reads so we can put together a final bill for you.