Transfer from British Gas

Hello. We have a Bulb account and have paid what we thought was the final bill from the old supplier, but another arrived today. Should i take this up with British Gas, or is it just a residual amount prior to completion?

Hey @40azalea - welcome to Bulb!

If you have already paid your final bill with British Gas then I would suggest speaking to them, it’s entirely possible that it could be an admin error or something sent in error before you paid off your final bill.


The simplest to find out if the recent bill is correct or not is to check if the last meter reading on the British Gas bill s the same as the very first reading on your Bulb account. If they are the same then in theory it means the bill you had today covers the period up to when switched to Bulb.

Hi there @40azalea as @Allanr says the first step when you get one of those bills is to check the meter readings on it-do they match the date and the readings that we have as your opening ones? If so then it looks like that’s the last bill up to when you switched to us, there may have just been a delay in sending it out. If not, then I’d recommend getting in touch with BG if you could, and see what they say about that bill. We can talk to them about your readings and the change over dates and so on, so if it’s anything to do with that let us know and we’ll get in touch with BG to try to sort things out, but anything else (to do with payments for example) we can’t talk to your old supplier about for data protection reasons, so that would be something you’ll have to ask them about

If they say that there’s something we need to send or resend or something we can deal with for you in any way, we’ll be more than happy to do so.