Transfer of meter reading to old supplier.

Why after two week have you not transfer my meter reading to my old supplier?
They cannot close my account and will continue taking payments until 12th march

@David65, short answer is that they will have done but it can take up to about 6 weeks for the readings to go through third party validation and your final bill to be generated by your previous supplier.

Most other suppliers are crap at informing you of this and like to just pin the blame on the supplier you’re moving to.

Bulb could do with making this fact clearer during the switch process though as a lot of people have this issue.

@David65 – as @mowcius mentioned, there is a gap in time between when we send your meter readings to all relevant industry partners (our data collector, your previous supplier’s data collector, etc.) and when the readings are validated. By ‘validated’, I just mean that both old and new supplier can use the reads as the official change-of-supply reads.

A few suppliers continue taking payments during this limbo period even though they don’t supply you anymore. (Bulb does not do this, and we regard this policy as ridiculous and bizarre.)

As of 08/02/18, the reads you gave us were validated, so your previous supplier does now have what they need to final-bill you.

I’m having a nightmare closing off with nPower, who I left on 17 Dec. Despite me having a credit balance of over £1,000 with them, I still haven’t been able to get my money from them. Repeated calls and formal complaints have only come up with there being “a defect” on my account stopping them from producing a final bill. Strange, when it could surely be done manually in about 5 minutes - bunch of inept crooks!

When I asked if it would even be resolved by the end of 2018, they said they couldn’t guarantee it…

It turns out I have another 5 weeks before I can take them to the Ombudsman.

Just to check, presumably my switchover readings have been “validated” ages ago, as Bulb have been billing me based on them, and they have been showing on my nPower account for weeks.

@Alec from our perspective, they have what they need to final-bill you. I’m so sorry for the stress that the switch is causing you. Let us know if we can help in any way.

While I’d love it if you could give them a sound kicking and get them to issue a final bill and pay back my credit balance, I realise that that’s sadly my fight with them.
At least Bulb are friendly, responsive and capable…

@Alec what will you spend the £1000 on? :smiley:

I may be really dull and set it aside to pay for my future bills - should keep me going for just over a year. Much better than the 9 months it would have lasted for with nPower!

@Alec smart. That’s really what I do with my referral credit, too.