Transfer to new user

If I moved into a property and received refer a friend credit. Then a month or two later, a friend is moving into the same property and I’m moving out.
Is there a time frame that a customer has to be with bulb for so that they don’t lose their original credits ?

Secondly, can I refer the new person to bulb and get refer a friend even though the property is already with bulb ?

Or would they hv to go to another supplier and then in the future if these new tennants wanted to go to bulb they would then start the whole process again of referring and switching etc ?

Hi @Shido there’s no time frame that you have to be with bulb to keep the credit once you’re supplied by Bulb it’s yours. As the property is already with Bulb we can only credit you for referring them if you also sign up your new property to Bulb via your own referral link. This means £50 credit will be added to your new property and to the new member’s account for your old property.