I’ve been really disappointed with my transfer to Bulb:

  • they’ve only transferred my electricity
  • They never told me they weren’t going to transfer my gas (I found out when I was only asked for an electricity reading)
  • If they’d told me 3 weeks ago I could’ve solved the issue with the identification of my gas meter
  • I’m still being charged what i was quoted for gas and electricity!!!

Hi @Edney_m_2 ,

I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad time coming across to us. We did actually send an email about this back on the 1st of the month.

Gas meters can often turn out to be somewhere slightly different to your postal address, this is because the national database is a bit of a wild west that needs updating by suppliers when they discover these issues.

I can see we now have your gas meter on course to join us. I’m sorry it’s been delayed, I imagine when you’ve joined us the everything will be plain sailing after that.