I received an email from transferwise saying a £10 transfer was cancelled from yourselves. I am confused my not due any payments. Sorry but very confusing ;0)

Glad I’m not the only one that got this e-mail. It’s very confusing and annoying that we won’t be able to contact them until Monday :frowning:

Well at least i’m not on my own lol

I don’t know much about this but I certainly would be careful it is not a scam. Don`t follow any links until you have this checked out with Bulb.

Well l’m not really worried as there is no link only a ticket number and information saying cancelled. To look on that you need to go direct to Transferwise website. Will call bulb Monday. Good point though Scudo many scam emails out there and people getting duped.

Yeah, first thing I thought was it a scam? But like Kristiscrew said, there’s no link which is a bit odd. I’m a bit concerned about how this company obtained my email address.

Hi Bekalea if you did a refer a friend they would have used this through Transferwise. If not Bulb use them directly to pay there customers money. So I would ask Bulb on Monday then call Transferwise

I didn’t, but it’s reassuring to know that bulb use them. I’ll give them a call, thank you :slight_smile:

Look at there (transferwise) website quite good and service is fast. Might be good for you in the future. I use them occasionally that’s why i’m not worried. ;0)

Hi guys, definitely worth giving us a ring about these cancelled payments on Monday. We do use transferwise to send refunds to people whose payment details we don’t have, for example people who have prepayment meters with us and refer someone or get some sort of compensation from us. If the payments are failing though we’ll definitely need to look into it, so please do get in touch on Monday. As always, best to be careful regarding fraudsters and so on-make sure the email address that that email came from was actually transferwise (spelled correctly) and if you’re going to contact them get the details from their website rather than following a link from the email if you’re at all worried