Trouble reading meter

We have 2 meters one that gives a single reading and the other gives 2 rates. Which of the 3 readings should I use?

@Noah_at_Bulb responded in your other thread about this issue, and said he’d sent you an email.

I did indeed :slightly_smiling_face: - thanks @stevefoster

@manolymanoly, I sent you an email and asked for you a photo/scan of a previous bill from your current supplier.

This is the best way to guarantee the right readings are entered in the correct order. I’ve seen rate 1 be the day reading on numerous accounts and rate 1 be night time probably the same amount of times. So just going off rate 1 or rate 2 is often a risky business.

Well, that would ensure the same order as the current supplier… (which is not necessarily correct, if there’s no trivial way to tell the rates apart)

Perhaps better to use the “kettle test” - fill the kettle and put it on and observe which rate goes up? (assuming you use an electric kettle as most do these days)


Very good point. It is worth doing both.

If it turns out the previous supplier has got it wrong, then let us know ASAP as this would turn into a much more complicated issue.

Oh yes, that would mean they’d overcharged Manoly by a significant amount.

@stevefoster Fortunately if we do show the old supplier was billing the rates incorrectly then they will be able to correct the historic billing on the closed account.

I sent the old bill via email, we were being charged over 2 thousand for electricity hence why we switched so maybe they did incorrectly read it

Thanks for sending that through by email @manolymanoly If you could carry out a ‘space test’ and send the photos to the same email chain that would be really helpful.

To do this you just need to, take photos of rates 1&2 at around 9am and then again at around 6pm. We’ll then have your day and night readings confirmed and you can raise this with the previous supplier if needed

Do I do this tomorrow or can I do it now at 3pm and then 6pm? Thank you @Matthew_W_at_Bulb

@manolymanoly If you’ll use enough for the day rate to change then it’s fine to carry out today

I’ve just noticed that my meter is saying the time is 20:34 5 hours wrong is this a problem? @Matthew_W_at_Bulb

@manolymanoly If the timeswitch on the meter is faulty then you could be charged at the wrong times for the day and night rate, so yes.

If you could taken the second set of photos in a couple of hours the space test will still work as evidence. Please could you also send through a photo of the time on the meter and let Noah know the actual time you took the photo?

Sent the emails of the router with the times @Noah_at_Bulb thank you for all the help

@manolymanoly Thanks for sending those photos through. It looks like the timeswitch is faulty and we’ll need to replace the meter. Once your switch completes you may be able to book an exchange to a smart meter through your online account. If you’re unable to please let us know and we can add you to the meter job waitlist that will be booked in once our capacity to book more jobs increases post-Covid-19.

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb It isn’t letting me book a smart meter installment through the app, please do add me to the wait list. Thank you

Hi @manolymanoly, I have just added you to the waiting list for a smart meter. We will let you know once our engineers are back to a normal schedule after Coronavirus, but feel free to check in with us for updates. :slight_smile: