Trustpilot Reviews

What has recently happened to see so many reviews for Bulb posted on Trustpilot via “verified order” in a short period of time?

The 20 reviews which were on the first page when I checked were all posted within an 82 minute time frame.

The only possible non genuine review amongst the 20 is one by “Teresa” who continually reloads her review to publicise her referral link and even suggests sharing email addresses between her and anyone who may use her link.

We sent out a bunch of invites to some members asking them to review us. We do this from time to time and Trustpilot encourages us to do more. When we send invitations via Trustpilot’s platform, the reviews that come from them include a verified thingy.

I’ll take a look at Teresa.

@Will at Bulb

Thanks, I did notice they had the verified thingy.