Trying to get both gas and electricity meters moved

I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to arrange a date with Bulb to get my meters moved from inside the house to outside. The reason for the move is that I am in the middle of having an extension built and have discovered that both electricity and gas supplies to the house are where the foundatations need to be. We have had to halt work on that part of the extension until I have rerouted the supplies and moved the meters to their new locations.

I have already had surveys from both UK Power Networks and Cadent to plan the work to re-route the electricity and gas supplies to the new meter box locations at the front of my house and have some idea from them when they can do the work.

However, the meters are the responsibility of the enery supplier and I have been trying to book a date with Bulb to move them to the new meter box locations, on the same date as the work to be carried out by UK Power Networks and Cadent.

I have been told that there is currently a ‘problem with the booking forms’ which means I cannot even get a date for the meter moves. I have contacted 4 or 5 times over the last week, via telephone, chat, email and get the impression that I am being fobbed off with excuses.

Can someone please help?

Hi @metermover - welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry for the delay getting back to you, and for the issues you’ve had with trying to get your meters moved.

I can see this has now been picked up by Alex in our metering team and you’re currently in contact with them to get this sorted.

– Meg :bulb:

Thank you Meg. I’m just returning to say that it was picked up by Alex, who answered my queries promptly, and have now had both meters successfully moved.

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Hi @metermover - I’m glad this was sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

metermover, how did you get a meter moved so fast? We’ve been trying to organise a Meter move with Bulb since Feb 2022. Bulb are very slow and their subcontractor Seimens are appalling. We eventually had 17th June lined up, UK Power Networks booked and scaffolding up. Seimens cancelled by voicemail and we have to start the whole process again, you can’t just amend the date with Seimens.

Seems like the only way to get a meter moved is to change suppliers