Trying to pay my bill but cant sign in to account

I cant sign in to pay my bill please fix

Hi @josh_270692 :wave:

I’ve sent a password reset to your email address now. Please let me know if you have any further issues and we can take another look.

its not that my sign in info is wrong, the website tells me it cant find my account

it then asks me to verify by email then says it cant verify when i follow the link

@josh_270692 - I see :thinking:

I’ve sent you a private message now, so could you get back to me there so we can get this sorted for you?

Same problem here. Can’t log onto account, asked to confirm email then go round in circles, keep phoning but on hold for ages each time

Me too. Best sort it out quick or I will go back to SSE.

Hi @paulhesketh - welcome to Community! I’ve sent you an email with an account set up link in it, let me know if you have any issues with that.

@Jakeandluke1977 - I see you added readings in your account today so assume you’ve been able to access this, let me know if you still have any issues though. :smile: