Trying to provide a meter reading!?!

I’m logging in trying to provide a meter reading as a new customer and its sending me round in circles. 10 minutes just trying to log in using help and its sending me back to the forum.

Seriously not impressed so far.

This should take seconds to do.

Why is “community” the ONLY option when I log in. Why is there just not a link to provide a meeting reading.
Fuming so far as I switched over from EDF who did at least taking frigging meter readings without all this hassle.

Hi @spicecloud18,

I’m sorry frustrating experience you’ve had. I’ve sent you an email so we can look into and get it sorted.

I’ve only been able to provide a metre reading the day I moved in. Every time I was asked to provide a reading, it would ask me to submit a photo. I did and it still wouldn’t submit it on the website. Now I am moving out of my flat and I need the final readings to be submitted. Who can help me with this?

Hi @vanessapearson.88 and welcome to our Community :earth_africa:

I have sent you an email so we can get this all sorted.