Trying to Switch and having issues

Hi - I have just moved and property i moved to was supplied by Bulb.

I had started a new deal with NPower but realised there were better deals out there.

I used a service called Look After My Bills who signed me up to a not great deal but preliminary details had been sent to them etc. I cancelled all this 2 days ago and proceeded to sign up with Bulb I as i had been told everything had been cancelled and i even received emails saying so.

I signed up with Bulb and thought happy days only for tonight saying that they cannot change my electricity because i recently tried to sign up with another supplier.

Is this normal? Have a feeling this is going to go round in circles for a while! Very frustrating. I cant even log onto my Bulb account online properly now either!

Also nothing mentioned about the gas…so presume this is going ahead?!

Any advice welcome!