Trying to switch me from BULB

On Tuesday 29 Sept I received an email from BULB that I’m switching to
another supplier - I know nothing of this and never applied to move to
another supplier.

Since then I have cancelled the switch,but BULB refuses to tell me which
energy company was to become the new supplier.I believe that this
was not a mistake,and as it appears that they tried to setup payment details
for a debit,then the person must have had some of my banking information.

I believe that I have the right to be given the name of the new supplier.
I hope then to ask them about this application,and perhaps to make a complaint
as to why their system failed to spot anything wrong.BULB has gone very silent
after several phone calls,and a few emails,requesting the information.

Why would BULB assist another energy company.

@thomas2 I’ve replied to your query on your other thread!