Trying to switch

Hi, I was a bulb customer at a previous property. Now we have moved I want to switch from the new properties current provider, however I can’t seem to see how…do I just sign up as if a new customer? If so, it’s not asked me for any details of the current provider? So I’m a bit confused! Sorry if I’m being a bit dim and missing something glaringly obvious!!! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

They don’t need you to provide details of the current supplier.

Hi @Amy14 yep you just sign up like you were a new customer as you say, the only difference being that you put in the same email and password as you used to have and we’ll make sure your login keeps working. We don’t need to know who the old suppliers of the property are, we’ll take care of that bit, and the switch will just go through from there in 21 days