Trying to take too much money

Hi all

Im in credit to the tune of £35, bulb has overestimated my usage and have put my monthly payment up to £240 PCM and I’m unable to i change it. Ive dramatically changed the way i heat the house and i know for certain my yearly usage will be less than last year.
How do i get the monthly payment down to what I believe is correct and not bulb.

I’m trying to check this myself, currently in £150 credit, and changing energy habits, yet being asked to pay £120 a month when I’m using £80 during summer months, I’m already one month in credit

Has any one found a way to pay only on receipt of the bill? I’ve seen it alluded to in the forums here and there but bulb is being about clear as mud right now

You need to ask Bulb to switch you to a variable direct debit.

Some posts on here have suggested cancelling your DD and then paying the billed amount on receipt of the bill. This seems to work for others but I’m not sure it’s universal advice. Try Bulb first.

If you do go onto variable DD, you’ll have to submit your readings around 2 to 3 days before your bill date or an estimate will be used. This won’t apply if your smart meter is submitting figures.

You’ll also have to ride the storm of differing bill amounts each month, with a sharp increase from October onwards.

Thanks for the reply……yes I’ve cancelled the DD but they’ve emailed and said they’ll charge an admin fee…idiots. I’m in credit and will pay my bill when it comes in.

They’ll use the credit first. So be aware of what you pay!!

Hi @dsimpkins72 and @sketchturner :wave:

If you prefer I can change you on to a variable direct debit. This means you would only pay for what you use every month. It is harder to budget for this method but it would mean that you could potentially be paying less than what your direct debit is now.

Let me know what you think of this :point_down:

Jenny :star:

Hi @Jen_at_Bulb

I would like that very much if it is possible

I also made changes to my heating my usage has dropped too.

Have Bulb actually changed your DD or are they just telling you that you ought to? They can change it, but only after contacting you. I found that just leaving things as they were plus sending meter readings on time each month rapidly resulted in a significant reduction in the DD amount that they were telling me I needed to pay. Provided that you are still in credit by a full month’s DD AFTER paying a bill (as Bulb’s T&C require) then you are within your rights to not move to the higher DD amount until after a period of monitoring your new heating costs. Use the 'top-up DD" to ensure that you stay in credit.

If you do build up excess credit - and a buffer for the October rise in prices and for the winter is a good thing to have - then you can just ask for it back. They have to give it to you, complain to them and to Ofgem if they delay.

Hi @Jen_at_Bulb

I would very much like variable direct debit too. I’ve been over paying for months and not sure how I get those over paid money back.

I recnetly turned off Direct Debit, but it is still sending me the over estimated bill. I don’t want to over pay for it anymore!

How can I resolve this? I have emailed about this a while back but have got no response.
Please let me know.


Ive just deleted my DD and pay the bill when it comes in

Thanks for that great explanation @Sissy of how our payments work :ok_hand: We love seeing our members get involve in these threads.

@sketchturner - I have amended you to variable direct debit now. Your payment will be requested 10 days after your statement is issued and payments will be taken from your credit until this runs out.

@lemon_icce - welcome to the community :wave: - It looks like you are already set up for variable direct debit. Your outstanding balance will be taken in the next 10 days.

Please do let me know if you have any further queries :email:

– Robyn :bulb:

I swear Bulb has taken too much of my previous bills. There were months when I wasn’t in and still got charged £150 monthly!

How do I get answers/refunds for this?

Tried the chat and calling but can’t get through

If your DD is set at £150 pm, that’s what you’ll pay regardless of use. If you think the £150 is set too high, then hopefully someone from Bulb will pick up this post and sort it out with you.

There is no way I could change the Direct Debit amount correct?

It varies a bit monthly but still way too high compare to other providers

You could consider a variable direct debit. You’ll only pay what you’re billed. No credit build-up though but you’ll have better control over what goes into Bulb’s coffers. Any credit you have will be used first, and then you’ll pay each bill around 10-14 days after receipt.