Two bills every month

Can someone from Bulb explain why I get a statement every month on the 17th confirming my usage and then a 2nd statement on the 18th with new higher figures?
I send in manual readings on the 15th and my account shows you are getting smart readings on the 17th so why am I getting two statements?

Go to ombudsman as this failed company is incapable of sorting it

Going by the slightly different wording of the statements it looks to me like they are taking my readings and confirming my bill but then sending an estimate the following day.
First statement says
“You’ve used £xxx35 of energy since 17th June. Your account is now £xxx.35 in debit. We’ve attached your statement with more details.”

Second statement says,
“Here’s your latest energy statement. We’ve calculated that you’ve used £xxx.80 of energy since 17th June 2022. “

Bulb, What is the point of me sending in manual readings, and you taking smart readings, if you are then going to estimate my usage?

Exactly a neat way of charging in excess :wink:

It’s been happening since I went on pay for use instead of DD. Why has no one from Bulb responded? It would appear that they are deliberately charging an extra amount instead of what I use. If I do not get a response from Bulb within 24 hours I will be submitting an official complaint.

This is mainly a customer-to-customer help forum. Bulb don’t look at the posts routinely.

I understand that but they do monitor the forum and respond to issues. I’ll wait and see if this is one of those occasions.

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Hey @Alanmac thanks for your post.

It seems we are getting smart reads on the 17th, actual reads from you on the 16th which is conflicting with the estimations on that date.

It may be because your meter is now smart we do not need manual reads and we see that once a new read is sent from the meter it triggers a repeat bill.

For august, try and not add the reading on the 16th and let the meter send the read to the statement, this may prevent this going forward.

Keep a note of the manual read if you wish however it may be worth trying this for next month,

–Carl :bulb:

Carl thanks for the reply but I think I need to point something out to you. I was having issues with gas readings not being sent by the “smart” meter so Bulb have told me to keep sending manual readings till it is sorted by those who run the DCC network. I sent my latest reading on the 15th of July, which is showing on my account, which conflicts with you saying it was the 16th. I also got a reply from one of your colleagues, as I raised a complaint, and his response is different from what you have told me. It appears that I am being sent bills for 29 days usage then a 2nd for 31 days usage. Your colleague is looking into the reasons why the system is doing this.