Two monthly payments taken in ten days!

Hi there. At the beginning of this month I realised that because of other direct debits, it would suit me better if my payment to Bulb came out nearer to the middle of the month, so I went into my account and changed my payment date to the 15th. I was obviously too late to change it for this month, so my payment on the 5th February went ahead and I assumed that the next payment would be on the 15th of March. However, I’ve just looked at my bank balance and it seems that a payment for the monthly amount has been taken today as well, just ten days later. I cannot afford to pay two monthly payments in such a short period of time and will now face significant problems in paying other bills. Can anyone advise as to what can be done about this please. I’ve emailed Bulb, but got an automatic reply saying it might take 4 days to get an answer!

Live chat available here

Or pick up the phone for a chat with them 0300 30 30 635

@Ktwing we’re working on fixing this issue. I’ve refunded the 06/02/18 payment just now.

Thanks very much, that’s great.