Two rate meter reading - portal only has one box

I’m trying to submit my meter reading from a night / normal meter. On the portal I only have space for one reading.

I’ve come across a question on here and it looks like you guys need to amend it.

Could you please clear any readings i’ve already given and update my profile?

Also could you note my meter readings as of now please because I also saw it may take a while to update on my portal for me to be able to enter one.

Low: 41294
Normal: 48325

Thank you!

Righto Lauren, sorry for taking a little while to get back to you. I’ve put your new meter readings in and cleared out the incorrect ones. And I’ve updated your account so that it should be sorted by the next time you want to pop meter readings in.


I’ve got the same issue where I need to submit 2 different readings. According to my meter (an Economy 10), there’s a rate “2” and “3” (but no rate one for some reason).

My readings are shown below:
Rate 2:22685
Rate 3:39471

Is there anything that can be done on this thread or should I open a new one?


Update - I’ve just realised that my meter should have a day/night/evening rate, but I couldn’t get the toggle button to show rate one. I’ll let you guys know if I can get hold of rate 1 later on :slight_smile:

Hey @maxwootton

Every meter type is slightly different and has it’s own quirks, so this could just be a quirk of your one. Often 2-rate meters will show 3 readings; night, day and the total. So it could be related to that.

We’ll have a look into it and get back to you on the latest email you sent us.


Hi Will,

I meant to reply to this thread months ago once I found the button to read rate one!

I took a reading last night, complete with rate one and the totals for ‘Element 1’ and ‘Element 2’ (don’t have a clue what that actually means):

Rate 1: 02397
Rate 2: 23369
Rate 3: 40454
Total (Element 1): 25765
Total (Element 2):40456

Is there anything you can do your end to add these? If not, what’s the process to enable me being able to add this on MyBulb?


Hi Max,

You have a slightly strange metering set up which we are working on integrating in to your MyBulb though this isn’t yet ready. In the meantime just email your readings to and we can add them on to your account each month.

I have added the above readings to your account this morning.