Two Rate Meter Reading

I’m trying to submit my meter reading for our new house. It seems to have a two rare meter which Ive not experienced before. But on my bulb login I only have space for one reading. How do I submit both numbers? And what come first Low or Normal?

Secondly I thought I had signed up to a single rate tariff rather than economy 7, can you confirm if that is what I will actually get? Thanks.

Hi Rob, you are on a 1 rate tariff, so that’s good. The system didn’t realise that you have a 2 rate meter though, so I’ve just fixed that for you. It’ll take a little while to update, but once it does, when you log into MyBulb you should have two boxes, one for day and one for night.

All the best,

Hi, how long roughly will this take? I still cant enter my readings, and had another email from Bulb saying you will have to estimate if I cant provide readings. Thanks.

Hi Rob, sorry about that. It can take a little while to update. Do you want to give m your readings now and I’ll put them in for you? And then it’ll be updated by the time you next try to put meter readings in.

That would be great thank. Gas is 5788, and Elec is 23,855 normal and 10,577 low.

Great stuff Rob. I’ve put them in and it’s all sorted for you now.

Hi @will I also have a two rate meter for electricity. As there is only one box, for now I have entered both numbers in the same box with a comma between them.

I hope this isn’t going to cause issues. This is the first reading to you which will also be sent to my current supplier as the end bill. I don’t want them thinking my electricity is some how one long massive number as a reading and I get billed a lot more than I should. Hopefully you can amend this for me before it gets sent to them as the end of bill reading!

Could you add two boxes for me too for the electricity meter reading please?

Hi @will it seems there are now two boxes for me to edit so someone must have seen this post. I have entered the correct first reading into this yesterday :slight_smile:

Beat me to it @james_macintyre glad you’re all sorted now :slight_smile: