two rate meter readings

Hi I’m trying to give my first readings as a switchover customer. I have a two rate meter but pay a single tarif. How do I enter my readings? Do you want the total? I’ve tried putting in both readings separated by a comma, which is what your help page seems to suggest but really, there’s only room for one reading.

Hope you can let me know asap

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Hi @mima1002

You’re actually on a 2 rate tariff with us. Everyone who has a 2 rate meter is on this tariff, and I’ve double checked for you and that is indeed the case.

You should be able to see two boxes to enter both readings for your electricity. Can you not see the second box? If not, we’ll have to look into why it isn’t showing for you.

Let me know,


Thanks for answering, Will. I just switched and there was at first only one box, but I rang up and spoke to Jonathan and he sorted it out over the phone. So now I do have two boxes!

Ah perfect that’ll be it then. Well done Jonathan :slight_smile:

The glitch such as it was was down to me anyway because I didn’t tick the ‘Economy 7’ box when I switched. My old supplier didn’t use the two-rate system and I don’t have night storage heaters so I didn’t think it applied to me. Having an old two-rate meter means I’m automatically signed up for the day/night tarifs. Now I’ve got used to the idea, I’m hoping it will save me money as well as spread the demand load - if I can just work out how to make everything possible run or recharge between midnight and seven a.m.! But perhaps that’s another thread …

Saving money, even better! Definitely an interesting thread idea. I’m in the same boat. I have a heated towel rail that I wish I could programme to only come on at night so that I save money and end up with warm towels in the morning. I should look into programmable wall sockets or something…