Two suggestions for Android App improvements, one very simple.

First an easy addition: A button to switch on the torch. Other meter reading apps do this already.
Secondly (harder) get the camera to take a photo of the meter and read the digits straight into the meter reading. Now that would really simplify taking readings.

@colin99, the first has been suggested a few times and is apparently on the to-do list, and the second is currently an option but only on the IOS app. I’m not sure whether it’s actually doing character recognition though.

Basically you’re right on the money!

@colin99 Thank you very much for your feedback. As you say @mowcius, we do have the ability to submit meter reads via the camera in the iOS app and it uses character recognition to read the meter. We are planning to add this to the Android app as well but unfortunately I can’t promise a date for that yet.

We’ve had a lot of requests for the torch feature as well, so we’ll continue to bump that up the list of priorities.

Thanks again for the feedback! Keep it coming.