Two supply/MPAN numbers

Hi there, hopefully somebody can give me a bit of advice!

In my property I have an E7 meter, I get different rates for standard and evening energy usage, but because of this I have two meters, each with different serial numbers.

I’m trying to switch to Bulb currently, but nowhere on the site, either during signup or otherwise, have I seen an option to add the details of my second meter (when I was inputting my address there were two instances of my flat with different MPAN numbers, but they’re both applicable)

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there @dnichol89 if you sign up selecting one version of your address, and you actually have two meters, then send us an email to with photos of both meters or a copy of the whole of a recent bill, we can get that second meter added on for you. We may not be able to give you a day and a night tariff for the two meters though, it depends how many hours of off peak the second meter is running for. We’ll be able to give you the specifics once we know which meters we’re talking about. I hope that helps!

Thanks David!

I got an email from bulb shortly after posting this question yesterday, which said they “were having trouble finding which meter was mine” and asking me to send an image from my bill, so I’ve sent an image from my bill showing the two supply numbers, so hopefully it gets sorted… I’m looking forward to switching to a more ethical company (and a cheaper one to boot!)

Hi there @dnichol89 oh perfect we should be able to get it all sorted out for you then. We’re delighted to have you! We’re all about being ethical and green (and cheap)