Unable to change monthly contributions

Absolute joke of a company. Messed up my electricity switch when joining so put my account on hold for 3 months then slapped me with £200+ debit, now I’ve paid that off I want to lower my monthly contributions but can’t because the charge has totally inflated my monthly usage. When speaking to an agent I was just told that I can’t change the price, no other option, just a no. I’m fuming with this company. Championed their services to friends and family for years but I’ve had the absolute worst experience dealing with their staff over the last 12 months never mind the constant price changes. I’ve tagged this as help & support but I’m more just venting about the joke that is Bulb. I’ll be leaving ASAP and I’d recommend you all do the same.

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I can see the consolidated statement for 12/09/20 - 20/01/21. If we divide that by the 4 months it covers your monthly use was about £67. As you said, because that came through at once it skewed the predictions a bit as the debt was paid off incrementally so the direct debit had to be higher to cover that debt and your use each month. I can see recently your monthly bills have been a lot lower, so we should be able to look into what the amount is currently set at if you’d like?

We also don’t like increasing our prices, but the costs of wholesale have increased by quite a bit since our last change in September 20. Because we want our tariffs to reflect the real cost of energy, it changes in line with this.

Sorry you’ve had a poor experience with us! If there is anything you’d like us to help out with just let us know- we’d be happy to help

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Me too! I joined Bulb 1 month ago when my tenants left. My house is empty and they are taking a DDR of £85/m!!! When I rang to reduce the DDR Bulb say they can’t do it without a history of readings.

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I am sorry about the payment issue, I can see that you got in touch via chat yesterday as well and spoke to my colleague. You’ve sent in readings, so I have made sure that she has those. She’ll add them to your account and send you an updated statement. After that, we can take another look at your account.

Just for background, we can’t change payments without meter readings as we don’t know how much has been consumed at the property. However, once we get readings, we can take a look at your payments.

Expect an email from my colleague over the next few days and we can take it from there.

Any questions in the meantime, please do let us know.

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