Unable to change suppliers until Bulb fix smart meter

Hi. Can anyone please advise. I want to change energy suppliers. The problem is because my smart gas meter has not worked properly since the install (not connected to the network properly and have been told it needs a power cycle otherwise I will have to keep reading manually) if I change suppliers it will never be fixed. Apparently the new supplier is not allowed to commission or fix a meter another supplier has fitted. Is this correct? If so surely it is unfair I have to stick with Bulb and their price hikes and poor customer service unless I want to manually read the meter forever.

I am led to believe that according to OFGEM there is nothing in the rules to prevent a new supplier from swapping out a non-functioning(which yours isn’t)meter with one of there own. Not withstanding that according to blubs interpretation of the rules they would have to pay a “fine” but this seems to only apply to thjem and not other suppliers.
Might be worth your while following up this line of enquiry

@skippy64 thanks for the reply. The problem is Bulb are nor doing any low priority visits at all. They class mine as low priority because I can still manually read it. The meter itself is not actually broken it’s just the fact they need to connect it to the network. This is the part the new suppliers are not able/allowed to do I believe.

Like most things at bulb eg:answering customer emails, quick enough to inform you of impending increases though

So installing new Smart Meter (which might not work) is a higher priority than fixing the crap they have installed. What a joke!
Bulb - make sorting out your failed smart meter install a prority, and stop pushing new meter installs!
I am in the same situation as you @Tigermad, and now Bulb have stopped answering my emails (I have sent 3 times for an email response - nothing!).

I would add, to anyone thinking of getting Bulb to install a smart meter, DON’T DO IT YOU WILL REGRET IT, and you will not be able to switch, if you want your smart meter to work as a smart meter.

@Vip according to their team on Twitter who also post on here, there is only a small minority who are getting smart meters that aren’t smart. The community on here and the people tweeting tell another story as far as I’m concerned.

We will both have to report them to the Ombudsman.

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And he thought he was having a quiet Xmas with his family

If you can read the meter I can see no problem with changing supplier.

The new supplier won’t be able to access the smart meter any way! They have(or had ?) not agreed a standard.

Indeed I switched from OVO to Bulb without a problem (and now to Avro). I can still access the meter reading through the little gadet thing but the new supplier doesn’t even know I have a smart meter…

@robin thanks for the reply. At the end of the day I want a fully working smart meter. If I move now I will have to manually read it forever.

To clarify on @robin’s post, Bulb only installs SMETS2 smart meters, which should continue to send smart readings regardless of your supplier, it sounds like the meters installed by Ovo are SMETS1 and whilst we’ve been able to connect to the majority of these meters that we supply, this may not be the same with some other suppliers.

@Tigermad & @Vip I’m sorry that we’ve been unable to connect your gas meters to the smart network. We were running remote gas ‘commissioning’ with some success, always this was more effective for electricity, but I believe we’re now waiting for a firmware update before we can carry out these powercycle jobs, as we can longer do this remotely for gas.

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb thanks for the reply. The lady dealing with my complaint never gave me this firmware response in my complaint email. This is a new one for me.

Is it possible to confirm why @Vip and my meters were not connected correctly in the first place. I still don’t understand what happened when they were installed. My installer didn’t say there was a problem just that it takes a few days to register it. So I believe they did everything their side as normal. Why are some not working after install?

@Tigermad it’s not a small minority who have these issues. It’s easy for Bulb to say that to fob you off. If it is really is a small minority, I dare Bulb to share the statistics.

It’s the minority that are really complaining and holding Bulb to account, the rest are oblivious.

Probably just gave up out of frustation, and left

Hi @Tigermad

So there are over 30 steps to the commissioning process, and if any fail then the meters will be left in ‘dumb’ mode. There are therefore various errors that can cause failed commissioning. I’ll explain two of the most common:

The first error we are facing is connecting meters to the Home Area Network, which links the meters and the communications hub. If your meters fail to join this network, we cannot communicate with them or receive their readings.

The second error is uploading Bulb’s security credentials onto the meter. If we’re unable to upload our credentials, we leave the meter in a dumb mode for security reasons.

Some of these errors are harder to fix than others. They’re industry wide problems, and we’re constantly working with third parties to try come to solutions for them. I hope this helps make it a bit clearer why some smart meters aren’t commissioned.

@CJ_at_Bulb thanks for the reply. Would it be possible to ask the person dealing with my complaint to reply to my email regarding the credit offered. Thanks.

Hi @Tigermad

It looks like my colleague has replied to your complaint about this now. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jim_at_Bulb Yes thanks.