Unable to choose EV tariff

Hi there, we had our smart meters installed on 18th of March, they seem to be working correctly, I can see details on the IHD and the Bulb app is showing usage.

According to the guidance, after 2 weeks we should be able to switch to the EV tariff… On 3rd April I checked the dashboard and there is a message “we’re updating your smart meters in our system”, however it goes on to say I should be able to switch within 10 days, although if the meters were installed 2 weeks ago then I should email.

I emailed on the 3rd April with a follow up on the 12th, but have not received a response. The extra 10 days have passed and I well beyond 2 weeks from the installation… Could someone at Bulb please look into this.

Just wanted to bump this up as I haven’t had a response here or via email.

Hi @alunheseltine :wave:

Thanks for raising this and apologies for the delayed response.

From looking at your account, I can see that your new meter is sending through frequent smart meter readings and everything looks to be set up correctly. The only part that has not been completed yet is updating the energy industry that there has been a smart meter installed at the property, which is the step holding up the switch to the EV tariff. I have chased this up for you now, and this should be updated within the next week or so.

As soon as we can get you switched to the EV tariff, we will let you know, but thank you for your continued patience with this one.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke,

Thanks for chasing this, and the update. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi @LukeM_at_Bulb
Any updates on this, been a little over a week and obviously I’m very keen to switch as soon as possible?

Could someone from Bulb contact me regarding this please? This is effectively costing me around £20 a month so I’d like to get it resolved as soon as possible.