Unable to commission SMETS2 gas meter SMETS2 electric meter working OK

Has anyone had their switch stalled by the following,the SMETS2 electric meter installed,working OK,and transmitting OK to bulb and the samsung smartThings web site,Chameleon IHD6,all working OK,the engineer spent 3 hours installing the gas meter,and was unable to commission it,he has worked for Morissons for five years and installed thousands of meters,he said it was the FIRST time this had happened to him,my previous meters,installed by nPower in 2010,YES,TEN years ago performed flawlessly,sending gas & electric readings to nPower,and my IHD working perfect,I have had many many on-line chats,they sent me this:-
"I have just spoke to a smart expert and they have sent me this in response: "The error we’ve reached is to do with uploading Bulb’s security credentials onto the meter. If we’re unable to upload our credentials, we leave the meter in a dumb mode for security reasons.

This error isn’t caused by Bulb and all suppliers are experiencing a similar problem at some properties. No smart meter installed by any supplier with this error can be commissioned. We’re working with smart network operators to understand why this happens and trying to solve it at the root cause, which is when we’ll be able to commission any meters that fail with this error. It’s very likely we’ll be able to fix this issue remotely, without the need for a second engineer visit. The smart network are running a dedicated workshop early next year with all suppliers, as this issue has been identified as industry-wide problem. Although it’s unlikely they’ll find a fix for another few months, I hope this helps highlight that this error is being worked on by the necessary third parties. Unfortunately, it means for the time being your IHD won’t be able to display your electricity usage.In the meantime, we’ll set your electricity account back to manual so you can submit meter readings again and we can send you accurate statements."

As I say my electric meter is working perfect,as is my IHD6,and bulb are getting the data,But WHY cannot the gas meter be commissioned? They are having a meeting next year? RSVP,Regards,Ray

I was under the impression that there were some intelligent folks on this forum,I have seen,and examined what participents input,would anyone like to make a comment upon my observations,Has ANYONE on here EVER HAD a dual SMETS2 electric,and a SMETS2 gas meter installed,together with a Chameleon IHD6 CAD PPMID in home display successfully installed,fitted and working as advertised,touted and bragged about? As I say the electric meter is uploading to the bulb server,to my smartThings Samsung server and dashboard,and to my in home display,and to my android dashboards,RSVP,regards,Ray