Unable to download dtatement

For some unknown reason I cannot download my statements. The account is shown as in credit of over £1100.00 which is incorrect because I pay the statement in full on the 1st of the month. I have an agreement to do so as I do not wish to set up a direct debit. Luckily I use a spreadsheet and know exactly how much energy costs are , I also send in readings on the last day of the month. It appears there is a computer error somewhere in the system.

Try using a different browser??

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they have probably stopped receiving readings for one of your meters, they do a couple of estimate bills, but then sometimes it can get stuck and they just stop estimating all together.# along with ignoring any readings you give them.
hence they generate no bills, so you end up massively in credit.

i haven’t had a valid bill in 5 months, but i just get ignored when asking them to fix it.

Thanx for your reply it appears I am not the only one with this problem. I will just sit back pay my bills each month til they sort themselves out

They have no problem with the smart readings they are updated each day. I will just pay the bill each month as agreed til they sort themselves out
But defo not agreeing to a DD

It’ll be a backdated statement correction. A debit in the region of £1,100 will more than likely follow shortly.

A statement is unlikely to shed any light, other than the credit has reversed previous charges over a specific period and the debit created revised charges. Usually resulting in a small debit/credit overall.

You also won’t get a proper explanation as to why this has happened. It’ll be something like “we got additional information from your meter”.