Unable to get a reading from meter

Hi folks
I am unable to take a reading from the electricity meter. The reading is non sensical.
My account is awash with credit and yet nobody from Bulb will respond to me.
Any suggestions please?
Thank you

Hey @Bono :wave:

Welcome to Community- hope to see you around some more!

I can see you have a Smets1 Smart meter- we got some readings from you in June. Has it just stopped showing the reading when you press the buttons as you used to through the to the kWh read?

It also looks like an incorrect read has been added to your account back in November which would explain the credit amount. We can definitely sort that out but just want to check what happens when you try and cycle through on the meter?

Try pressing the ‘A’ button until you see ‘Credit On’, then press it again to show ‘Meter Index’, and again to show your readings.

– H :bulb:

H, hi

Thank you for your reply.

Pressing A takes me through four TOU rates (all £0), Import kWh (344.2) and Export kWh (0).

Pressing B doesn’t assist.

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks

Hi @Bono,

That’s odd, can you take a look at this guide and see if you have any luck trying with this?


Looking at the meter with your notes there is a reading of 344KW/h Import. No other values as I scroll through.
I also note that the date is set at 13/04/2021.
There is clearly an issue with the meter.
What is the next action to allow this matter to be resolved?
Sincere thanks

(I am only allowed to upload one pic by the system!)

Hey @Bono :relaxed:

I’ve popped you a quick email to get a video if you can, we can then do some more investigating to get to the bottom of the read discrepancy with our metering team :mag:

— H :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Hi H

The upload proces will not recognise the video file type.

Any ideas?


Hey @Bono

Hmm that’s annoying- can you upload it in reply to my email in Mp4 or .mov? We should be able to download those. Otherwise photos of all the screens would help!

Thanks :sunflower:

Take a look at this guidance from another energy supplier(!), which suggests you’ll probably need to push button B a few times as well:

Thanks for sharing that, @stevefoster, that’s super helpful!

@Bono, does the meter show a time on it, as well as the date? And if so, is the time correct?

As per the video, the clock and date are incorrect.