Unable to get a SMART meter

I’ve been waiting years for Bulb to offer me a SMART meter in my home - we live up in Aberdeenshire.
Imagine my glee (shortlived) when I saw that I could apply for one to be installed only to discover that because my gas meter was below ground level in a brown plastic box outside, that I wasn’t eligible to get one!
Looking at the issues on here I’m thinking I might have dodged a bullet. Seriously though is there a timeline as to when I can re-apply for the meter? Hopefully after the teething problem have been resolved :slight_smile:

I’m on the west coast, waited 2 years on bulb for a smart meter, just left bulb for another company who will have it done in a few weeks.

I’ve almost had my bulb smart meters a year and the electric one still doesn’t work, I have to manually submit readings for it