unable to get link in order to log on

need to submit readings but unable to get an email link

This is incredibly frustrating. I click on the link to sign in but nothing happens. Have tried this on chrome, edge, iphone and ipad. Nothing works, no email, not in spam. I phoned the other day to complain, was sent a link which worked. Am I going to have to phone again?

ok - I’ve just realised I have to enter my email address in the bar above the link. I missed that. I’m amazed I missed it but I did. I’m not usually so stupid. Maybe if bulb put ‘Enter your Email Address’ it would be clearer.

@janet1376 Could you tell us what internet browser you are using and what device.

Have you checked whether the links are going into the junk/spam folder?

@gwennie Glad you have now logged in, I will pass the recommendation for the extra text onto the tech team :slight_smile: