Unable to give meter readings

I have been requested to send meter readings. Log on, and it goes straight to community!?
Have tried several times but to no avail, any suggestions as to how I can actually do this would be most appreciated.

This is a common fault.

See: Meter Readings: Queries - #15 by William_at_Bulb

I am having this problem but have never had it before.
What is the solution?

@rgachampion Did you read the link I posted above?

i have managed to give electric reading and up load a photo but i can not find how to get to gas reading to give then. i am registered as a person to help Ivita and i went to online chat help and they kept me waiting so gave up on that . this is stupid

My meter is to low down to see now, I have tried to photograph but it goes off so quick. The meter is outside my house, right down in the garden. I have asked for someone to come and read it and we have not had a reply. My husband and I are both pensioners.I