Unable to login to account


Is anyone having trouble signing-in online. The login process just gives me access to this community page. I can’t even submit a meter reading.

Hi I’m in the same boat, I’m supposed to be changing to Bulb as of tomorrow but I can’t login other than this community page. Like you I need to submit meter readings but I have no way of doing so…

The menu on the top right hand corner of time page doesn’t seem to be working however if you scroll right down to the bottom you can click on the sign in link from there. That’s working as I’ve been able to sign in no problem

It is the same for me, MGD

I have the same problem, its been like that for a couple of days now plus i keep getting mails from Bulb asking me to submit a meter reading :slightly_frowning_face:

yep, me too… have emailed bulb many times but all I get is the automated email on how to reset my password… this is really poor… and there is no response from bulb to this thread either …

not a happy bunny here Bulb… please respond to not only my multiple enquries but respond to the thread

Bulb will have to reset your account/password from their end.
In the meantime I have flagged your post so hopefully someone will pick it up Mon/Tuesday?

Hi @Mcintoi

Welcome to the community :sunny:

I have now sent you a reset email - let me know if this worked.

Were your other queries on the community forum or sent in to us another way?