Unable to Manage Bulb Account

I am unable to manage my Bulb account here on the website. I can select Community, Help, or Sign Out, but don’t see anything else. I have been trying to manage my smart meter and payments. Can this be fixed?


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I am the same. This has happened to me before and it is incredibly frustrating. I cannot view my usage, bills or manage any of my payments, I keep being redirected to the community forum.

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I am experiencing the very same issue. In addition, the Bulb app says that it has been down for maintenance for the past week. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the app, but that has not solved the problem.

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I’ve been seeing that same bug, too. I tried uninstalling and deleting the app cache. It never goes away. Not sure why or how to fix it.

You have broken bulb!! :rofl:
Now you will have to go through the even more frustrating experience of trying to contact bulb and asking for an account/password reset.
Best of British with that.

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Hey @sydneylkaster I am unable to see an account registered to the email address our community account is registered too. I have popped you an email requesting your account details so that I can sort the issue for you. :slight_smile:

Hey @ailsa.c.deas, I have sent you an email to reset your password. Please follow the link to reset the password. You should then be able to login to your Bulb account :+1:

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Hi Renee,
I never received an email address, unfortunately. I checked my Spam folder, too.

Hi @sydneylkaster

Could you please let us know how you switched to Bulb? If you’ve never received an email from us there’s a few possible causes of this, but it depends on whether you used a Price Comparison site, auto-switching service, or the Bulb join site.

Hi Matthew,
I never received an email from Bulb, nor did I officially switch. I moved flats and this was what was at my new flat. I did leave my energy provider at my old flat, though, which was Good Energy.

Did you follow the procedues in this Bulb article: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/sections/360007165271-Moving-in-or-out

Hi Matthew,

I don’t know whether you are in charge of that, but the website of bulb for meter reading submission has been out of work for a long time. No notification about IT issues recently. If possible, could you pass this issue to the people who are in charge of this?


Yeah, I took a look at that. I did change from my old energy provider, but I never officially signed up for Bulb. Best to do that now. That might be the problem.

sounds like you need an account/password reset. I have flagged this for you so hopefully someone will pick-up on it

Hi @sydneylkaster I’ve sent you an email now to try and get this sorted as we need some personal details.

@vangoph thanks for your post - I’ve sent you an email now as I also need some further details to get this sorted for you.

Thanks for flagging @skippy64 !

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I am also experiencing the same problem. I can’t find anywhere to give an initial meter reading. Can this be fixed?

Yes need an account/password reset, going to flag this post for you

Hi @maximum, I’ve sent you an email to set up your account now. Thanks for flagging again @skippy64.

ummmm, it didn’t work. I have changed my passwords twice. Still can’t submit the data.

Flagged you again, hopefully more success this time

Thanks for flagging @skippy64!

Hi @vangoph,

Apologies for our delay, I can see you have sent through your meter photos and this matter is currently being looked into. I will add an internal note to your email thread and have this chased up for you now too. We’ll be in touch directly once this has been sorted for you.

Kind regards,