Unable to re-book gas-only smart meter installation

I had an appointment to install electricity and gas smart meters a couple of weeks ago, but the engineer was only able to install the electricity meter. There was a problem with the gas isolation valve, so he was unable to continue. This has now been fixed by the local gas network, but I’m unable to rebook to have just the gas smart meter installed.

Bulb e-mail support tells me the engineers don’t do gas-only installations, so I need to book again myself through my Bulb account - but when I try that, it rejects my request, telling me I already have smart meters installed.

So I’m now left with a half-finished job and no way to re-book. Anyone got any ideas please?

Hi @chris.walker76 - thanks for the post.

It looks like you have a semi-concealed gas meter. Right now, only certain engineers can carry out these meter replacements, and we don’t currently have a way of booking these as a one-off appointment. I’m really sorry, but hopefully we should be able to sort this soon. Please keep in touch and we’ll be able to let you know when we have an update.


Hello @GeorgieS_at_Bulb,

Not sure what you mean by a one-off appointment?! It’s a half-finished job! Can’t I just have a ‘normal’ appointment, and when the guy gets here he just installs the gas meter?!

The previous engineer who fitted the electricity meter has already inspected my current gas meter and said it will be absolutely fine and easy to replace it, I just need to re-book. He was from MDS.